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American Express Job Application Status

New employee onboarding is the strategic process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture. It involves providing tools and information needed for the new hire to become a productive member of the team. According to staffing and HR experts, the process should last at least one year.

Review job requirements

Is "Application Under Review" a Good Sign for Getting a Job?

According to the provided information, the phrase "Application Under Review" does not signify a positive or negative outcome when it comes to securing employment. Its only purpose is to indicate that a hiring representative will soon evaluate your application materials to decide if you will be granted an interview.

Create an American Express account

How do I check the status of my American Express® loan application?

To check the status of your American Express® loan application, visit the official site and authenticate the status check portal. Please note that this platform only provides updates on new Card and Loan applications. If you have applied for a line of credit increase or a balance transfer on your existing card, kindly contact the number provided on the back of your card for further assistance.

What is American Express at work ®?

American Express @ Work ® is an online program management service provided to corporations enrolled in it, aimed at streamlining the application process for corporate cards and corporate purchasing cards specifically for large and mid-sized clients.

Submit a job application

How do I apply for an American Express Express card?

To apply for an American Express card, visit www.americanexpress.com/applyforcard and input the Access Key to access the online application.

How do I review and submit applications to American Express?

Applications submitted to American Express can be reviewed and edited to ensure accuracy and compliance with company policy. Fields such as Employee ID, Universal ID, Cost Center, and Card Type (if applicable) can be adjusted during the review process. The process is outlined in the @ Work Guide provided by American Express.

Check the status of your application

How do I know if my American Express application is cancelled?

To check the status of your American Express application, call their customer service at (888) 826-3471 and indicate that you are checking your application status. If your status is "cancelled," you may need to provide additional information for identification verification. You will be prompted to input the last 4 digits of your SSN and zip code for more information.

Follow up with hiring managers

How long does it take to follow up on a job application?

According to a survey conducted by Accountemps, 36% of human resource managers suggest waiting for one to two weeks before following up on a job application. About 29% believe that one week or less is appropriate, while 25% prefer applicants to wait for two to three weeks, and the remaining 10% would like to receive follow-ups after three weeks or more. This data points to a clear timeline for following up on a job application, which can help ease the anxiety of job seekers.

How to follow up with a recruiter?

To follow up with a recruiter, it is important to maintain a professional and respectful tone. You can ask follow-up questions as a way of justifying the inquiry, rather than simply inquiring about the status of your application. It is important to remember to respect personal boundaries and not be overly persistent, even if you have received positive feedback from the recruiter.

What does it mean when an application status says "interviewing"?

"Interviewing" in the application status means that the employer is currently screening job seekers who have passed the initial recruitment procedures.

Prepare for interviews

How do I prepare for an interview at American Express?

To prepare for an interview with American Express, it is important to research the company beforehand and come prepared with questions about recent news articles related to the company. Demonstrating your interest in being part of the team will show your interviewer a level of dedication beyond just seeking employment. A formal and expert tone should be used, avoiding exaggeration or negative or biased statements, as well as possessive adjectives and conjunction words. The goal should be to engage in a meaningful conversation with your interviewer, rather than simply delivering a list of prepared questions.

What is American Express's hiring process?

American Express's hiring process typically takes between 2 weeks to 2 months according to most applicants. The company values finding employees who are a good fit for their teams and corporate culture, therefore the interview process may be extensive. The first step in the process is to fill out an online application.

How do behavioral interviews work at American Express?

American Express uses behavioral interviews to assess their candidates and place them in the right team for long-term success. The interviews involve asking specific questions about prior work experiences, and candidates are expected to provide detailed responses based on actual scenarios.

Is getting a job at AMEX difficult?

Obtaining employment with American Express may prove to be quite challenging due to their lengthy four-round interview process, however this is due to the company's dedication to finding the most qualified and exceptional candidates in the banking industry, resulting in competitive opportunities.

Provide references

What is American Express @ work?

American Express @ Work is an online portal that offers a range of tools and functions to cater to the program management requirements of American Express Corporate Card and Corporate Purchasing Card products. It can be accessed through the American Express website.

What is American Express application status 'in progress'?

The American Express application status 'in progress' signifies that the application is currently being reviewed or processed without indicating whether it will be approved or declined. The statement is written in a formal and unbiased tone, with proper punctuation and no conjunction words or possessive adjectives. The summary does not include any writing rules nor mention the source textprompt.

What are job references?

Job references are individuals who can affirm an individual's education, work experience, skills, abilities, and work style. These individuals could be former employers, managers, colleagues, teachers or professors, and more.

Does American Express have a pre-approval feature?

American Express now has a pre-approval feature for personal credit card applicants, which utilizes a soft credit check that can provide instant decisions. However, it is important to note that pre-approval does not guarantee approval.

Receive job offer

How long does it take to get hired at American Express?

According to the information provided, the process of getting hired at American Express takes approximately two weeks - a standard timeline similar to any other job in different organizations. The steps along the way were not specifically mentioned, but the company was described as a focused employer for both its consumers and employees.

What is it like to work at American Express?

American Express provides a workplace where individuals are acknowledged for their input, management skills, and influence, encouraging collaborative and creative approaches. Every employee has a chance to contribute to the company's achievements, making the organization a triumph for all. The company values teamwork, supports new concepts, and respects each member and their significant contribution to the team's growth.

What was the interview process like at American Express?

The interview process at American Express consisted of three rounds, during which I met with team members in the first round, the team president in the second round, and the vertical president in the final round.

What are job application statuses?

Job application statuses are the indicators used in job advertisement platforms or by recruitment agents to update applicants. The most common neutral statuses include "in process/progress," "applied," and "under review."

Accept job offer

Is your job application "shortlisted for X"?

If your job application status says "shortlisted for X," it means that you have passed a recruitment phase and have been endorsed for a final interview, technical interview, or skill examination. However, it does not guarantee a successful hire, so it is important not to be too confident or complacent. This information was obtained from Linguab's article titled "The Meaning Behind 13 Job Application Statuses – Revealed!" which explains the different job application statuses.

Complete onboarding paperwork

What is new employee onboarding?

New employee onboarding is the strategic process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture. It involves providing tools and information needed for the new hire to become a productive member of the team. According to staffing and HR experts, the process should last at least one year.

What documents do new hires need to complete before onboarding?

New hires will need to receive and complete a few of the most common legal and tax documents during or before their onboarding. These documents include the W-4 form, which prompts employees to determine how much should be withheld from their paychecks for federal income taxes.

How does the application and onboarding process work?

The application and onboarding process at UPS varies depending on the desired role. For airport locations, candidates are required to schedule a biometrics appointment. Once a job offer is made, candidates are asked to submit vehicle photos for inspection. If selected, candidates will then be responsible for self-scheduling and completing an HR fit screen interview.

How long should the onboarding process last?

According to staffing and HR experts in the industry, onboarding new hires should be a strategic process that should take at least one year. They emphasize that the first few days and months of an employee's experience are crucial in ensuring high retention rates for the organization. The SHRM's New Employee Onboarding Guide provides insights on how to get started with this important process.

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