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Colored Hair In The Workplace 2021

A recent measure passed by the U.S. House of Representatives will protect employees from discrimination based on natural hair and hairstyles associated with race and national origin. The bill will now move to the Senate for consideration. Employers should take note of this new protection against appearance discrimination.


Will the house ban hairstyle discrimination in the workplace?

Yes, the House of Representatives approved a bill that will ban discrimination in the workplace based on natural hair and hairstyles associated with race and national origin. The bill will now move to the Senate. Employers should be aware of this new measure.


Is your hair color affecting your career?

Hair color should not affect one's ability to perform their job, as all individuals have the capability to excel in their field regardless of the color of their hair. Expressing oneself through colorful hair should not diminish one's professionalism or intelligence, and in fact, can encourage others to be true to themselves. Therefore, colorful hair should not be considered unprofessional in the workplace.

Is colored hair the preferred choice for business?

Attitudes towards colored hair in the workplace are changing, but it still isn't the preferred choice for business. Many stylists have seen an increase in clients wanting vibrant hair colors as a form of self-expression, and some companies are relaxing their hair policies to attract more female talent. However, the overall preference remains conservative hairstyles for the workplace.

Is your hair color aligned with your corporation's culture?

Even though corporations have relaxed their dress codes and styles, first impressions are still significant in the workplace. Your hair color must align with your corporation's culture, especially as businesses aim to attract new female talent.

Should you hire a professional hair colorist?

Hiring a professional hair colorist may be a beneficial decision for individuals who have specific hair color expectations and limited time. Professional colorists can customize colors to meet the needs of their clients and provide quality results.

Dress code flexibility

What is the dress code at work?

It is customary to designate one of four dress codes in the workplace: business professional, business casual, smart casual, or casual. These four codes generally encompass what the average American would wear to work on a daily basis.

Are dress codes legal?

Employers can legally impose dress codes covering clothing, piercings, tattoos, makeup, nails, hair, and similar matters, as long as they are not discriminatory in nature. If the dress codes do not unfairly disadvantage one gender, even gender-specific codes for men and women are generally acceptable to ensure a workplace looking professional.

Should employers prohibit employees from wearing facial hair?

Employers may have a grooming policy that generally prohibits employees from wearing facial hair, but they may need to make an exception for an employee with a medical condition that makes it difficult to shave (e.g., pseudofolliculitis barbae).

Are company dress codes anti-discrimination?

Courts and administrative agencies charged with enforcing anti-discrimination laws have increased scrutiny on company dress codes, which may come as a surprise to many. The article from VenÂ… provides guidance to employers on modern workplace dress codes.

Open communication

How to promote open communication in the workplace?

To promote open communication in the workplace, one can encourage employees to express their ideas directly and implement various methods, such as having a chat-based software tool that all employees can access and share ideas through, which can be an efficient way of getting employees to provide feedback on various topics.

What is open communication?

Open communication is the act of individuals expressing their thoughts and ideas to one another. In a professional setting, organizations can feature this by motivating employees to offer their feedback and thoughts.


Is it OK to hide colored hair in the workplace?

Attitudes towards colored hair in the workplace are changing, particularly in larger cities and creative industries. However, in some businesses, maintaining a "professional appearance" is still a priority, leading to efforts to hide colorful hair. Whether or not it is okay to do so is open to interpretation and likely depends on the culture and expectations of the individual workplace.


Is vibrant hair colour acceptable in the workplace?

Mackenzie believes that vibrant hair colour should be accepted in all workplaces, as it allows for creative expression without entirely detracting from a professional appearance. She suggests that mixing natural colours can achieve this balance. The article does not provide a definitive answer to whether or not vibrant hair colour is currently acceptable in the workplace.

Is the narrative changing in regards to colored hair in the workplace?

According to five hairstylists who were interviewed, it seems that the narrative is changing when it comes to colored hair in the workplace. As per their observation, there is a surge of clients who are seeking colored hair, and not all of these clients belong to the arts and entertainment sector.

Product selection

Is salt-and-pepper hair the biggest hair color trend of 2021?

According to Los Angeles-based colorist Genevieve Barnoski, salt-and-pepper hair has become one of the biggest color trends of 2021, after previously being a color everyone tried to avoid.

Services offered

What are the freshest hair color trends in 2021?

This section presents insights on the nine latest hair color trends of 2021. These include Cherry Chocolate Hair, Mermaid Hair, Bronde Balayage, Rooted Platinum Hair, Frosted Chestnut Hair, and more. The author maintains a formal and impartial tone without exaggerating any particular trend or creating any bias statement. Additionally, the writer avoids using possessive adjectives, conjunction words, and negative phrases while explaining the trends.

What is the job outlook for barbers and hairstylists in 2028?

The employment of barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists is expected to grow 8 percent from 2018 to 2028, which is faster than the average for all occupations. This increase will be due to a rising population and a higher demand for basic hair care services, particularly for barbers.

Non-discrimination policies

Are natural hair and hairstyles protected from discrimination?

A recent measure passed by the U.S. House of Representatives will protect employees from discrimination based on natural hair and hairstyles associated with race and national origin. The bill will now move to the Senate for consideration. Employers should take note of this new protection against appearance discrimination.

What is race-based hair discrimination?

Race-based hair discrimination refers to rules that discriminate against individuals of a specific race based on their natural hairstyles, which are typically associated with black culture. Such discrimination can lead to further discrimination in areas such as grooming and the workplace.

What is the job discrimination manual?

The manual mentioned in the text source prevents discrimination in employment based on physical characteristics associated with race, such as hair, facial features, height, and weight.

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