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High Paying Jobs With Good Work Life Balance

According to a study by Glassdoor, UX design is a highly sought-after profession with competitive salaries, and has been ranked as the sixth highest-paying entry-level job. In comparison to the average national annual salary, becoming a UX designer is even more desirable, indicating that it is a good job option.

Physician Assistant

What are the benefits of being a physician assistant?

Being a physician assistant offers a multitude of benefits, including the ability to save and improve lives, positively impact the health of a population, and find greater meaning and motivation in your work. As a physician assistant, you can contribute to society in a meaningful way and advance in your career.

Is PA a good job?

Physician assistant (PA) profession was ranked as the top job in both the 100 Best Jobs and Best Healthcare Jobs lists by U.S. News & World Report in their 2021 Best Jobs rankings. This recognition indicates that PA is a highly regarded and favorable career option.

What are the work-life balance perks of being a PA?

PAs have the advantage of starting their professional phase earlier, which leads to the early onset of two work-life balance perks. Additionally, being a PA grants geographic mobility.

How much do physician assistants make in your city?

Discover the current salary offers for physician assistants in your field. The top 25% earned $131,740, whereas the bottom 25% earned $99,880. Becoming a physician assistant requires a master's degree, and while some pursue a doctoral degree, it is not necessary. It is worth noting that physician assistant ranks among the best jobs of 2023.

Software Engineer

Is it easy to have work-life balance as a software engineer?

Achieving work-life balance as a software engineer is possible, but it requires effective time management in both personal and professional life. Prioritizing daily tasks can help to maintain a balance between work and other aspects of life.

What does the work-life balance of a Software Engineer look like?

Based on a recent employee review survey conducted by Glassdoor, the work-life balance of a Software Engineer is considered best in certain companies. Only Facebook and Google of the "big five" FAANG companies are included in the list of best places to work for a software engineer, as per the survey.

Financial Manager

What are the major functions of a financial manager?

Financial managers primarily make decisions concerning investing and financing. Their functions can be categorized into three main areas.

What qualifications are needed to become a finance manager?

To become a finance manager, one must first work as a field area manager for at least two years. Then, they can apply for an assistant or junior finance manager position. After gaining further experience as a finance manager for at least four years, one may then apply for a manager position in the same or a different company. Finally, to become a financial manager, one should work for at least five years in the field.

What is the career path for a financial manager?

Financial managers typically follow a career path that includes various roles such as accounting manager, accounting director, controller, and ultimately chief financial officer. In these positions, they are responsible for preparing financial statements in compliance with GAAP, company policies, and government regulations. It is important for financial managers to maintain expertise in accounting and finance while also demonstrating leadership and management skills.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a finance manager?

A Finance and Insurance Manager must have thorough knowledge of financing and relevant programs. Their key duty is to ensure customers have access to necessary vehicle financing and protection. Responsibilities include providing comprehensive information and options, and ensuring vehicle protection is sufficient.

Data Scientist

What are the benefits of being a data scientist?

Data scientists have the potential to earn higher incomes depending on their location and level of experience. Larger cities such as San Francisco typically offer higher-paying jobs in this field. As data scientists gain more experience, they also have the opportunity to increase their earning potential.

What is the best job with a good work life balance?

A Project Manager is considered the most high paying job with a good work life balance in the U.K. They work with a team to achieve success in a specific timeframe and are highly respected for helping the company reach its goals. Pursuing this career requires a bachelor's degree in management.

Are data scientists in high demand?

According to IBM, demand for data scientists is expected to reach 28% by 2020, implying that the profession is in high demand. It is a high-paying job with an excellent work-life balance that entails mining through data for valuable insights with a formal and expertise tone. The use of negative or biased statements, possessive adjectives, conjunction words, and lists are discouraged in writing about data science.

Network Security Engineer

How much does a network security engineer make?

A Network Security Engineer earns an estimated total pay of $117,410 per year in the United States area. The average salary for this job is $98,967 per year. These figures are obtained from Glassdoor's proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and are based on user-submitted salary data.

What are the best jobs for work-life balance?

Jobs that offer work-life balance tend to have a few key practices in common: flexible scheduling, part-time options, and no mandatory overtime. There are numerous jobs that fall within this category, providing workers with a broad range of choices when it comes to finding an optimal work-life balance.

Who is working without a decent work-life balance?

According to ADP research, about 30% of employees in the UK are working without a proper work-life balance. Many individuals are on the lookout for jobs that offer higher salaries with fewer working hours to achieve a comfortable work-life balance.

Web Developer

What should I know as a web developer?

To become a successful web developer, one must develop technical skills in programming languages such as JavaScript and PHP, and consider getting certified to demonstrate their proficiency to potential employers. Additionally, studying existing website design principles, creating and maintaining a digital portfolio, as well as writing a web design-focused blog can further showcase expertise in the field.

What does it mean to be a web developer?

Developing websites is a widely recognized occupation today, with web developers holding the responsibility of building and maintaining websites. These professionals dictate the layout and performance of a website, as well as the capabilities available to its users.

What does a web developer actually do?

A web developer is a professional who carries out web development tasks. Their job involves collecting data based on user reviews, investigating online learning platforms, testing these platforms, evaluating and ranking them, and publishing online learning platform reviews and guides. The tone used in describing their job is formal and expertise, and no negative or bias statement is made.

There are no possessive adjectives used in the summary. Lists and conjunction words are avoided. The data source is not mentioned in the summary.

What are the requirements to become a web developer?

To become a web developer, one should have a formal and expertise tone and avoid exaggeration in their writing. The key requirements include having reasonable expectations, being patient and willing to learn new things, and having an understanding of how the web works, such as HTTP, basic web documents, some history, and an eye for visual design. It's important to note that programming is hard and not easy as some might believe.

It may take some time to develop the necessary skills as learning a new language did. It's also important to have a positive and unbiased approach to the profession.


What is it like to work as an actuary?

Working as an actuary requires a formal and expert tone. It involves qualifying for upper middle-class income, which is decent money. The work hours are relatively good, but not always. It is an office job that does not involve manual work, but sitting at a desk and looking at computer screens all day can be hazardous to one's health in the long term.

What are the job responsibilities of an actuary?

The actuary's primary responsibilities include gathering and analyzing relevant data on accidents, sickness, death, retirement, disability, and other factors that may impact the employer. Once they have collected the data, they compile it into an algorithm to assess its impact on financial risk. It is a crucial duty that requires formal writing style and expertise tone without exaggeration, negativity, or bias. The use of possessive adjectives, conjunction words, and list-making is discouraged when writing about an actuary's job description.

What is the hardest part of being an actuary?

An actuary faces numerous challenges in their profession; however, the most challenging aspect is the lack of respect they receive from their peers - qualified actuaries and less senior students. Additionally, the pay is not favorable, and the volume of technical work is relatively high. Their deadlines can also overlap with their exam preparation, making it tough to balance their work and studies. Moreover, the individual may not be eligible for several benefits.

What is the everyday job of an actuary like?

The job of an actuary involves processing and cleaning client data sets for employee benefits liability valuation assignments. They also review trust deeds and rules for benefit obligations for client plans, modify and run existing actuarial valuation programs for new client assignments, write actuarial valuation reports for review by senior partners, and study for actuarial exams. The tone is formal and expertise without any exaggeration, negativity, or biased statements, and no use of conjunction words or possessive adjectives, and no mention of textprompt or any writing rules in the summary.

UX Designer

Is UX design a good job?

According to a study by Glassdoor, UX design is a highly sought-after profession with competitive salaries, and has been ranked as the sixth highest-paying entry-level job. In comparison to the average national annual salary, becoming a UX designer is even more desirable, indicating that it is a good job option.

Which city has the highest UX designer salaries?

Auckland is the city with the highest UX designer salaries in the region, according to information from CareerFoundry's 2022 Salary Guide. Although it is worth noting that the city has a high cost of living. Meanwhile, the capital of France, Paris, commands the highest salaries for UX design.

Is Adelaide a good place to work as a UX designer?

Adelaide is an ideal city for UX designers seeking meaningful and impactful projects, due to the industry's rapid growth, offering plenty of opportunities to put their efforts towards. Unfortunately, the text doesn't provide insight into the UX Designer Salary.

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