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Indeed Application Viewed By Employer

Employers inquire about an applicant's availability to determine if they are capable of fulfilling the vital responsibilities of the job. If a candidate is unable to meet the job requirements, they may not be a good fit for the position. It is prudent for both parties to understand this before accepting an offer.

Job Title

What is indeed and how does it work?

Indeed is a multifaceted hiring platform that functions as a job search engine. It collects job postings from a variety of sources, ranging from employer websites and recruitment agencies to news websites and job boards. Beyond merely listing jobs, Indeed also provides a suite of employer tools designed to facilitate the hiring process.

Does indeed send you notifications when the employer views your app?

Notifications are sent by Indeed to inform applicants when the employer views their application. This was discovered by a first-time Indeed job applicant who received a notification after applying for an open job on 8/11, with the applications still open until 8/24.

What does a job title tell you about your career?

Your job title is a critical indicator of your career progression and talent, as it illustrates how well you've advanced in your profession. Moreover, the job title plays a crucial role in determining if you possess the required experience to be suitable for a new position you are applying for.

What is a featured employer on indeed?

A featured employer on Indeed is a company that has a Sponsored Job with their logo displayed on the search results page. This feature helps job seekers to easily identify the company, resulting in a higher click through rate for mobile jobs.

Company Name

How do you know if a job application has been received?

To know if a job application has been received, you can try contacting the company directly where the job is located and follow-up with them. If your resume is marked as "resume downloaded by employer" on LinkedIn, it means the company has either looked at it or forwarded it to someone for review. It is best to remain professional and avoid making assumptions.

Can employers see other jobs I have applied for on indeed?

Employers on Indeed cannot view other jobs you have applied for or any notes in your account. However, if you've applied to a specific job, the employer can view your location based on the city and state listed on your resume.

What can an employer see on my indeed profile?

Indeed ensures complete confidentiality of your profile from employers. They cannot view your applied jobs or any personal notes. Employers can only access your profile if you've applied for their job and they can only view basic information like your resume and contact details.


What does viewed mean on a resume?

Viewed by employer on a resume simply indicates that an employer has accessed your profile. However, this does not guarantee that you are a suitable candidate for the job. If your resume stands out, the employer may contact you for an interview.

What can an employer see on my resume?

Employers on Indeed can view the city and state of your location as well as your phone number, which you provide on your resume.

Should I use indeed's resumes?

It is advised not to use Indeed's resumes to apply to any job. Instead, you should gather more information about the company and the role before applying to increase your chances of an actual person seeing your resume. This advice comes from an HR viewpoint shared on recruitinghell subreddit.

Is a CV the same as a resume?

Many people believe that a CV and a resume are synonymous. However, there are significant variations between these types of application documents, according to Indeed.com UK.

Cover Letter

What is a cover letter for a job application?

A cover letter is a brief document that is usually submitted along with a CV or resume for a job application. It provides information about your work experience, academic background, skills, and career goals. Although similar to application letters, cover letters have a distinct purpose in highlighting the value you can bring to the job.

Should I submit a cover letter to an employer?

Your decision on whether or not to include a cover letter when applying to an employer depends on your preferences and the employer's explicit instructions. If the employer does not require a cover letter and only accepts resumes through an application portal, you may still submit a cover letter via email if you have the hiring manager's contact information.

Why do you need a cover letter?

Employers utilize cover letters to screen and select candidates for interviews. Companies may require or make it optional, but it helps determine which applicants are willing to go the extra mile.

Do I need to include my Address in my cover letter?

It is unnecessary to include your address or other contact information on your cover letter if you are writing it directly within an online job application. However, when including your cover letter as an attachment, you can use the same heading as your CV.

Job Description

How do I know if I've applied for a job?

After applying for a job, the website will typically indicate that the application was submitted. Any updates to the application status will be determined by the employer. When an employer reviews an application, some sites will automatically change the status, while others require manual updates by staff. The process of updating may include "viewed by employer," but the meaning of this phrase is unclear.

What is a job description?

A job description is a summary of the essential responsibilities, activities, qualifications, and skills required for a specific role. It should provide important company details such as mission, culture, and benefits offered to employees. Also called JD, this document primarily describes the type of work to be performed.

Work History/Experience

What is a work history on a resume?

Work history is an essential component of a resume or job application that displays a comprehensive record of an individual's employment background. The work history is usually presented chronologically with a brief description of each job. It can also feature in an application for certification, government program or professional designation.

What is an employment history?

An employment history is a record of a person's previously held job titles, company names, and duration of employment, typically included on a resume or job application.

Why is job history important?

Job history is an essential factor for recruiters to assess your expertise and skills, and decide whether you are the correct fit for a particular job. It also provides potential employers with insights into your tenure in a company, demonstrating your loyalty towards a brand or service.

What do employers look for in an employment history?

Employers may look for either recent employment history within the previous few years or a more extensive employment history containing all the candidate's previous workplaces, which is typically listed on the resume or job application.


What are job qualifications?

Job qualifications refer to an individual's previous work experience, acquired skills, and personal qualities that are typically sought after by employers. Understanding these qualifications can aid individuals in determining their next career steps.

What information do I need to apply for a job?

When applying for a job, it is necessary to provide specific information such as your contact details, resume, and responses to the employer's inquiries. Moreover, additional documents you submitted may be relevant. However, it is important to note that this feature of accessing application documents is limited to those applications completed on Indeed's website. You cannot see application materials via an employer's site.

What should I do after I submit an application to a job?

After submitting a job application, one should organize a folder with the job description and application for record-keeping purposes. After that, it is advised to forget about it and move on, ignoring any notifications and avoiding assumptions. The post mentioned getting a job as a forklift operator after receiving a notification from Indeed.


What is a good reference for a job application?

A professional reference from a past employer is a preferred option for job applications according to the data source. It is important to note that even if the previous job was brief or happened a while back, a personal reference from a family member, teacher, or friend is not as effective as a professional one.

What does an employer ask of a reference?

Employers may ask the opinion of the reference on how the applicant would perform in the job, given that the reference has firsthand experience of seeing how the applicant operates. The employer will want to know if the reference thinks the applicant is capable of handling the job, especially if they belong in a similar field as the job being applied for.

Why do I have no job references?

In some cases, individuals may not have any professional references or work contacts, which can make it challenging to provide necessary references for a job application. This may stem from lack of professional experience or other similar circumstances. To address this, individuals can take proactive steps to secure alternative references and overcome this potential obstacle.

Why are references important in the job interview process?

References are crucial during job interviews as they provide a more complete and insightful perspective of the candidate to hiring managers. Strong references are necessary for creating a positive impression on employers.


What skills do employers look for?

Communication, leadership, and teamwork skills are among the top skills that employers look for in job candidates according to Indeed.com. These skills are in high demand across different jobs, and employers seek team members who possess them.

What is the difference between skills and qualifications?

Skills are abilities you can learn and improve through practice and experience. There are hard, technical skills specific to particular job roles, and soft skills that can be applied in any profession. In contrast, qualifications refer to formal certifications or degrees that demonstrate knowledge and expertise in a particular area.

What are the key employability skills?

There are 11 critical employability skills that are highly valued by hiring managers when searching for potential job candidates. These essential skills include communication, leadership, and teamwork abilities, among others.

What are the differences between computer skills and employability skills?

Computer skills are considered as hard skills and are required in almost all jobs. On the other hand, employability skills are mostly categorized as soft skills. Although some technology-related jobs require in-depth programming knowledge, most positions only require basic computer proficiency.


Why do employers ask about your availability?

Employers inquire about an applicant's availability to determine if they are capable of fulfilling the vital responsibilities of the job. If a candidate is unable to meet the job requirements, they may not be a good fit for the position. It is prudent for both parties to understand this before accepting an offer.

How to check if a job application has been received?

To check if a job application has been received, one can directly contact the company where the job is located and inquire about the status of their application. On LinkedIn, the status of "Resume downloaded by employer" indicates that the employer has received and downloaded the applicant's resume. It is important to maintain a formal and professional tone while communicating with employers and avoid using possessive adjectives or negative or biased statements. Conjunction words should also be avoided, and lists should not be used in any communication.

What does "easyapply" mean when applying for a job?

When using the EasyApply option to apply for a job on LinkedIn, receiving a notification that your application has been viewed by a recruiter indicates that they have opened your submitted CV. This is the main difference between being "viewed by employer" and simply submitting your application via the platform. It is important to note that the tone and content of the summary should be formal and unbiased, with proper punctuation and without the use of conjunction words or possessive adjectives.

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