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Jobs That Let You Sit Down

A court reporter, otherwise called a stenographer or shorthand reporter, is an individual who attends legal proceedings, mediations, or other legal events, and transcribes spoken or recorded speech into written form.

Dispatch Operator

What does a dispatch operator do?

A dispatch operator offers legal and commission knowledge to handle emergency responses and pipeline safety audits. To create a comprehensive dispatch operator job description, one should outline particular duties, responsibilities, and expectations.

Is a dispatcher a good job?

Working as a dispatcher entails extended working hours in a sedentary role. Those who seek variety may not find it suitable. However, a dispatcher's job is not inherently bad, as it requires formal and specialized language proficiency and at times does have some excitement.

How do call takers compare to public safety dispatchers?

According to the information provided, call takers have a similar level of education as public safety dispatchers. Although they are slightly less likely to earn a Master's degree and graduate with a Doctoral degree by 3.0% and 0.5%, respectively.

What does a public safety dispatcher do?

As per the article published on Zippia, a public safety dispatcher handles both emergency and non-emergency calls from the public, identifying the caller's requirement calmly and promptly dispatching law enforcement officers or emergency responders, ensuring an effective service.

Data Entry Clerk

What are the responsibilities of data entry clerk?

Responsibilities of a data entry clerk include collating data from customers, creating error-free spreadsheets with large numbers of figures, verifying and comparing data with source documents, updating existing data and retrieving data from databases or electronic files.

What is the job description of a data entry?

Data entry involves the updating and maintenance of data into a computer system database using a keyboard or data recorder. The job also entails processing various confidential documents from images in the database. To enhance efficiency, work is separated and organized before entering it into the computer system.

What are the qualifications of data entry clerk?

Qualifications for a data entry clerk include excellent typing and computer skills, attention to detail, ability to follow complex instructions, completing repetitive tasks accurately, discretion, and providing consistent work output with high accuracy.

How much money does data entry clerk make?

The pay range for a Data Entry Clerk varies significantly, with a difference of up to $9.86. The salary level is influenced by a variety of factors, such as skill level, location, and years of experience, which suggest there might be several possibilities for growth and increased compensation.


What are the job responsibilities of a receptionist?

The job responsibilities of a receptionist include greeting and directing visitors, notifying company personnel of their arrival, maintaining security and telecommunications systems, answering inquiries, and directing visitors by maintaining employee and department directories.

What do you need to become a receptionist?

To become a receptionist, one requires good organisational skills, excellent communication skills and a good grasp of standard office and telephone equipment.

What do receptionist do and what responsibilities are?

Receptionists welcome office guests in a professional and friendly manner, announce their arrival to the appropriate party, and direct them to the person or office they are visiting. They also answer phones, respond to queries, and make phone calls on behalf of office employees, as well as forward phone calls to the appropriate recipients.

What does it take to be a receptionist?

To be a receptionist, one must possess customer service skills, sensitivity and understanding, thoroughness and attention to detail, patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, the ability to work well with others, excellent verbal communication skills, administration skills, and the ability to understand people's reactions.

Pharmacy Technician

What does a pharmacy technician actually do?

A pharmacy technician works under licensed pharmacists, handling prescription processing, medication dispensing, pharmacy-related functions, and customer information service.

What to expect as a pharmacy technician?

As a pharmacy technician, you should expect to attend orientation and training at your new job, especially if you are working in a retail community pharmacy. Additionally, you will need to be prepared to learn a significant amount of new information as you start your job.

Why you should consider a career as a pharmacy technician?

A career as a pharmacist is worth considering for several reasons. First, there are various types of jobs available in the field. Second, the job pays well, which makes it financially rewarding.

Third, pharmacists get to help people and be part of a friendly community. Fourth, the job offers mobility and the opportunity to work in various locations. Fifth, pharmacists play a significant role in the healthcare system and have meaningful work.

Becoming a pharmacist requires significant education, which increases expertise in the field.

What does it take to be a pharmacy technician?

A high school diploma or equivalent is required to become a pharmacy technician. On-the-job training is also necessary. Additionally, there are Pharmacy Technician Schools or Programs that can provide short programs and hands-on experience for those interested in becoming a pharmacy technician.

Air Traffic Controller

Where do air traffic controllers work?

Air traffic controllers can work in any of the 21 air route traffic control centers located in the US, where they direct aircraft that are en route to their destination. The job of an air traffic controller can be both high-stress and occasionally monotonous.

What are the different types of air traffic controllers?

Air traffic controllers can be categorized into different types, such as the aerodrome controller - also called tower controller. The aerodrome controller supervises and manages the airspace of an airport, utilizing visual observation and sometimes radar approach control positioning in high volume facilities.

Is air traffic control the most stressful job in the world?

According to a piece of text, air traffic control is often referred to as the most stressful job in the world. However, the text notes that the reality of the job is not accurately portrayed in films such as Pushing Tin, even during emergency situations.

Is air traffic control really that bad?

Air traffic control is a highly responsible job as controllers have to ensure the safety of thousands of passengers during their shift. Despite popular belief, emergency situations are not as exaggerated in real life. The author, who worked as a controller for 20 years, sheds light on the reality of the job without any negative or biased statements.

Video Game Designer

What are the different types of video game design jobs?

There are 11 different types of jobs available in video game design. One of these positions is a video game designer, responsible for creating the game's story mode and challenges. Details on the other job types can be found on Indeed.com.

What does a game designer do?

Game designers have the responsibility of ensuring everything is smooth and well-designed, which significantly affects the enjoyment of a game. Along with the user experience, they play a significant role in creating an enjoyable gaming experience. Coders are also essential in designing video games as they code level design, parameters, physics, and other aspects critical to the game's structure. You can find some excellent job leads for entry-level design jobs by visiting specific websites.

How do I become a video game designer?

To become a video game designer, having a bachelor's degree is typically necessary along with the potential for certifications in areas such as C# programming or UX design. Experience might sometimes replace education since this is a tech-oriented position. It is necessary to explore thorough information regarding video game design, including daily responsibilities, essential expertise, and career potential.

What is the job outlook for video game designers?

According to the BLS, employment opportunities for software developers in the video game industry are expected to grow by 22% from 2020 to 2030. Individuals who wish to enter the field may be required to obtain a bachelor's degree, which requires four years of full-time study, and coding experience may be preferred by potential employers.

Court Reporter

What is a court reporter?

A court reporter, otherwise called a stenographer or shorthand reporter, is an individual who attends legal proceedings, mediations, or other legal events, and transcribes spoken or recorded speech into written form.

How do court reporters record speech?

Different methods may be used by court reporters to record speech, including stenotype machine recording, steno mask recording, and electronic recording. A stenotype machine is commonly used by court reporters to record dialogue as it is spoken.

How much do court reporters make?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for court reporters is $48,530 with the top 10% earning more than $90,000 per year. It is considered a portable career where jobs are available throughout the United States.

What are the largest employers of court reporters?

The largest employers of court reporters are courts and legislatures. Additionally, law firms and corporations hire freelance court reporters as needed for pretrial depositions and other events. In 2018, there were approximately 15,700 court reporter jobs in the United States.

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