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Modern Brokers Of America Tampa Fl

An estate planning lawyer specializes in assisting individuals in creating legal directives for handling their finances, property, healthcare, and support of their loved ones in the future. Their services typically include the drafting of wills, trusts, durable power of attorney for healthcare, and establishing guardianship. FindLaw can help connect individuals to local estate planning lawyers and law firms.

Mortgage Brokers

What is a mortgage broker?

A mortgage broker is an intermediary who connects mortgage borrowers and lenders, without using their own funds to originate mortgages. Their role involves helping borrowers find the best lender and mortgage fit based on their financial situation and interest-rate needs.

What is Florida Mortgage Firm?

Florida Mortgage Firm is a company based in Plant City that has abundant experience in various fields, including real estate, title and insurance, retail banking, and credit union loan processing. The company offers a wide range of mortgage options, such as conventional mortgages, FHA, VA, USDA, and Jumbo loans. In addition, they also provide FHA and VA construction loans for qualified borrowers.

What is the work culture like at modern brokers of America?

The work culture at modern brokers of America is described as competitive, yet enjoyable, featuring team outings such as dinners and TopGolf.

Investment Opportunities

How many investment opportunities are there in Tampa?

There are 254,970 investment opportunities in Tampa, FL, with 6,294 properties currently listed for sale and 248,672 off the market. The median property price as of February 25 is $475,542, and the average gross profit per flip is $274,053. Additionally, Connected Investors has identified 18,062 landlords in the area who collectively own 70,179 rental properties.

What are investment brokers?

Investment brokers are individuals or companies who earn fees or commissions for trading securities on behalf of investors. Their role is to act as intermediaries between investors and financial markets to ensure that investments are made according to the needs and objectives of their clients.

Financial Planning Services

What is the best financial advisor in Tampa?

The best financial advisor in Tampa should offer a broad range of financial services that can satisfy all of the clients' financial needs over their lifetime. Wealth Advisors of Tampa Bay provides comprehensive financial services that clients can select from, making them one of the best financial advisors in Tampa and St. Petersburg, according to a 2020-2021 ranking.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the process of examining all aspects of one's finances in order to develop a plan that helps to meet personal responsibilities and financial goals. This can involve a range of services, including estate and tax planning, as well as college funding and philanthropic planning.

Wealth Management

What can a wealth management firm in Florida do for You?

A wealth management firm in Florida, such as Cathy Pareto, can assist in structuring spending, savings, and investing to prioritize important goals. Through a detailed process, Florida financial advisors take the time to get to know clients and help turn their dreams into achievable objectives.

Is the bank of Tampa a broker-dealer?

The Bank of Tampa and BT Wealth Advisors are not registered as a broker-dealer or investment advisor.

Retirement Planning

What makes the Tampa financial planner unique?

The Tampa financial planner's uniqueness lies in their informed approach based on academic research, discipline, and diversification considerations. They aim to invest wisely, limiting expenses and risk.

What can retirement planners of America do for You?

Retirement Planners of America specializes in helping individuals build retirement plans while safeguarding their investments. They offer consultation services to protect retirement funds against market downturns. The company, known for its expertise in retirement planning, has been featured in national media.

Who is Tampa wealth management firm?

The wealth management firm that provides financial planning services to various clients, including young professionals and retirees, is located in Tampa. They operate on a fee-only basis and act as a fiduciary for their clients. They are also one of the 11 best financial advisors in Tampa and St. Petersburg for 2020-2021.

Insurance Options

What types of insurance does a brokerage offer?

The brokerage featured in the article offers Medicare coverage options, term life insurance, and whole life insurance. They work with various insurance carriers, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Ameritas, to provide clients with personalized options.

Who is affordable insurance team?

Affordable Insurance Team is an independent insurance brokerage based in Tampa that offers risk management solutions to private and commercial clients. They specialize in individual, family, and group health insurance programs, as well as offering a range of Medicare coverage options, term life, and whole life insurance.

Real Estate Services

How many real estate agents are there in Tampa?

There are a total of 5,439 real estate agents active in Tampa, according to real estate transaction data analysis. However, the top 5% of seller's agents in Tampa, on average, sell homes for $47,141 more money than the average Tampa real estate agent, proving that the top real estate agents in the area get better outcomes for their clients. For those looking to find the best real estate agents in Tampa, FL, U.S. News & World Report is a reliable resource.

Where can I find commercial property investment sale listings in Tampa?

You can find commercial property investment sale listings in Tampa by searching CBRE's listings using location, property type, and criteria. CBRE's Tampa office has been the city's top provider of commercial real estate services since its establishment in 1981.

What does a real estate agent do?

Real estate agents play an important role in the housing market. They assist both buyers and sellers in various aspects of the home buying/selling process. Top agents possess the expertise necessary to help sellers price, advertise, market, show, negotiate, and ultimately sell their home. Similarly, they can aid buyers in finding, negotiating, and closing on a home more quickly than they could do themselves.

Tax Planning

Who is Florida financial advisors?

Florida Financial Advisors is a financial planning and wealth management firm with offices in Orlando and Tampa. It is headed by Jason Mickool, a financial advisor with more than 25 years of industry experience. The firm specializes in providing investment advice.

Who is Thomas Financial?

Thomas Financial is a prominent insurance provider that offers solutions to affluent individuals and thriving businesses. They are recognized as one of the top providers in the country and have recently made an announcement regarding their Wealth Management Division. Despite being a modern company, they still value traditional principles and pride themselves on providing modern solutions.

Asset Protection Strategies

What is modern brokers of America?

Modern Brokers of America is a company deeply rooted in communities in Texas and Florida. Their efforts include investing money and human effort into customer acquisition through advertising, promotional deals, and online marketing. They attribute their success to excellent customer service and overall customer satisfaction.

What are asset protection strategies?

Asset protection strategies involve transferring ownership of assets from an individual or business into a separate legal entity, aiming to safeguard against creditor claims, lawsuit damages, and certain taxes. SmartAsset outlines 10 asset protection strategies for 2022.

What is Florida asset protection?

Florida asset protection is a legal process that involves structuring one's assets, including properties, businesses, investments, and cash, to make it challenging for creditors to collect on them now or in the future.

What is an asset protection trust (APT)?

An asset protection trust (APT) is a trust bank that protects assets from creditors by holding them based on the discretion of the settlor. This trust is considered a powerful method of asset protection.

Estate Planning

What does an estate planning lawyer do?

An estate planning lawyer specializes in assisting individuals in creating legal directives for handling their finances, property, healthcare, and support of their loved ones in the future. Their services typically include the drafting of wills, trusts, durable power of attorney for healthcare, and establishing guardianship. FindLaw can help connect individuals to local estate planning lawyers and law firms.

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