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Moving From Retail To Corporate

Consider analyzing the job posting when preparing for a job interview. Review the job posting to understand what the company wants in a candidate, including their desired skills, knowledge, and other qualities.

Update resume

Why is updating your resume important?

Updating your resume is important because it provides employers with evidence of recent work experience, skills, and qualifications, increasing your chances of being selected over other candidates who have not updated their resume. Furthermore, submitting an updated resume demonstrates that you have kept your skill set relevant, which is a valuable trait in today's job market.

What do employers look for in a retail resume?

Employers may seek specific skills from a retail resume, such as organizational expertise, which may be advantageous even for office positions. It is recommended to review previous retail experience and create a list of the relevant skills used in that job to highlight them in a resume.

What does a career change resume look like?

A successful career change resume should showcase your capacity to adapt to a new role and align your existing expertise with the requirements of the prospective position. It should emphasize transferable skills and demonstrate your ability to learn quickly, while reassuring employers about your potential to excel in the new job.

How to revise your resume during a career transition?

To revise your resume during a career transition, it is important to highlight the skills relevant to your new career or industry. Indeed.com suggests following six steps to create a resume that can help you get hired, even without a direct experience in your new target field. These steps include updating your job titles, emphasizing transferable skills, and highlighting relevant accomplishments.

Research company culture

What is corporate culture and why is it important?

Corporate culture refers to the attitudes and behaviors of a company and its employees. It is important because statistics show that employees with strong emotional commitment to the company, or those who are engaged, perform better. Engaged workers are dedicated and strive to achieve the company's goals.

Is company culture redefining the relationship between employers and employees?

The current situation in company culture is transforming the relationship between employers and employees, as discussed in the LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2022 report. The pandemic has created a shift in employee expectations and caused a watershed moment in company culture.

How to create a strong company culture?

Creating a strong company culture requires intention and effort on par with the hiring process. It entails developing an environment that aligns with the values, objectives, and business of the organization. Even during the pandemic, businesses shifted to remote work, highlighting that creating an inclusive company culture requires a conscientious approach.

What are the major changes in company culture?

Major changes in company culture include employers providing mental health therapists on demand for employees and giving them the gift of time in the form of no-meeting days and company-wide shutdowns. There is an increased focus on physical and emotional well-being that has contributed to these changes.

Network with corporate contacts

What is a corporate network?

A corporate network is a system that connects both machines and people in a company, and its management can be informed by studying the long-standing Cisco three-layer hierarchical design model. The network should be approached with a formal and knowledgeable tone, avoiding exaggeration or negative bias, and avoiding the use of lists, conjunction words, possessive adjectives, or mentioning the text prompt directly.

What is it like to work in retail?

Working in retail involves a significant amount of time spent dealing with customers, which requires skills such as problem-solving, relationship building, and handling queries. These skills can be easily applied in an office setting, making the transition to an office-based sales role a feasible option.

Who is making the biggest power moves in the network industry?

According to industry watchers, Cisco is making the biggest power moves in the network industry in 2021. They are staying ahead of the pack with SASE, Zero Trust, IoT, and NaaS, as reflected in our ordered list of the 10 most powerful companies in enterprise networking.

Is the end of the corporate network coming?

According to an article on the TechRepublic website, cloud computing and mobile access have significantly transformed corporate networks, causing some to suggest that the end of the corporate network is near. The author writes in a formal and expertise tone without exaggeration or negative/biased statements, while avoiding conjunction words, possessive adjectives, and lists.

Learn new industry terminology

Do you need help learning retail terminology?

If you are someone who is entering the retail industry as a store manager, owner, or vendor, you may require assistance in learning retail terminology. The following glossary aims to provide you with a comprehensive list of key retail and retail marketing terms.

How can retailers prepare for the next era of retail?

Retailers must reset as employers and at meeting consumer needs to compete in the next era of retail. They face both significant challenges and unexpected opportunities that can assist them in preparing for future disruptions. Furthermore, they need to be better corporate citizens to succeed in the industry beyond the pandemic.

What is retailing and how does it work?

Retailing is the practice of purchasing goods by retailers and suppliers, labeling them with their own brand, and marketing them to build long-term relationships with customers. This strategy can be executed through loyalty programs, personalized experiences, and excellent customer service.

Is 2019 a year of transition for retailers?

2019 may indeed be a year of transition for retailers, despite the strong retail sales observed in the preceding year. This is due to potential headwinds the economy may face in the current year. Retailers must, therefore, adopt bold strategies to set themselves up for success in the future.

The factors driving the retail industry in 2018, such as a strong labor market, growth in disposable personal income, and elevated consumer confidence, may not be sufficient in 2019. Deloitte's 2022 Retail Industry Outlook report highlights the need for industry players to be proactive in the face of possible economic challenges.

Invest in professional wardrobe

How to start a professional wardrobe on a budget?

To start a professional wardrobe on a budget, it is important to take an inventory of your current wardrobe, accessories, and personal belongings. Organize your clothing based on purpose and type, regardless of whether they are seasonal pieces. These steps are crucial in establishing a professional wardrobe without breaking the bank.

What is the best way to stock your wardrobe?

The best way to stock your wardrobe is by working in retail and taking advantage of the significant discount on clothes provided. This allows one to have every item for every season and to personally experience the clothes' quality of materials, fit, and wear through daily use.

Should you build a work wardrobe for a new job?

For those starting a new job, building a work wardrobe is important. To begin, focus on wardrobe essentials for work, which will provide a great foundation for your working wardrobe.

Why is it so easy to buy clothes in retail?

Buying clothes in retail is made easy because customers can receive a significant discount on every garment, making it possible to have a well-stocked wardrobe for every season. The advantage of being able to physically try on clothing and assess the quality of materials and fit without bias is unmatched. This firsthand knowledge also helps in addressing common customer concerns, such as shrinkage after washing.

Prepare for longer hours

What are the working hours at a retail store?

Retail stores usually operate in the evenings and on weekends, so expect to work during these times if you accept a position. Note that the usual 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule may not apply. It's best to coordinate with your manager regarding shifts you can't work due to other obligations.

How does a retailer balance a career with a personal life?

According to Monster.com, it is important for retailers to remember that their profession often conflicts with a balanced personal life. Employers are typically more interested in employees devoting more time to the store rather than having a work-life balance. Therefore, retailers must take on the responsibility of planning and implementing their own strategies to achieve equilibrium between their work and personal commitments.

What happens to retail professionals who avoid planning and organizing their time?

Retail professionals who avoid planning and organizing their time often spend too much time worrying where to start, and when they finally do, the day is half shot. This observation was made by Smac1954 who emphasizes the importance of preparedness to prevent such occurrences. The lack of planning and organization can result in poor work-life balance for these professionals.

Develop communication skills

Are retail skills transferable to the office?

Retail skills can be easily transferred to an office scenario since customer service is a key transferable skill. Retail workers deal with customers every day, selling products, handling queries, building relationships, and solving issues, making them suitable for office-based sales roles.

How can you improve your corporate communications skills?

Improving corporate communications skills can be achieved by incorporating social media expertise, either through independent research or by working closely with a social media team. Seeking inspiration and learning from other business leaders who are active on social media is also advisable.

How important is retail sales experience in an interview?

Retail sales experience may provide slight advantages during an interview, but relevant office sales skills are crucial during the application process. Communication skills, especially phone experience, are highly valued in both internal and external settings. Transitioning from retail to an office-based sales role requires strong demonstration of these skills.

Take online courses in business topics

What are the different types of retail management courses?

Retail management courses cover business administration, supply chain management, and customer service. These courses teach long view concepts such as demand forecasting, as well as short term decisions like pricing. Self-paced online courses and certifications are also available through platforms like edX.

What is an online business management course?

The online business management course involves hands-on projects such as refining and testing a business concept, creating a high-caliber presentation, crafting a marketing and sales plan, and building a no code website.

What can I do with a retail management degree?

With a degree in retail management, you can gain expertise in the various components of retail business such as business administration, supply chain management, and customer service. By applying your knowledge in these areas, your retail business can experience targeted growth and expansion. You can explore online courses and classes to learn more about retail operations.

Create a portfolio of work samples

What are work samples in a portfolio?

Work samples in a portfolio are examples of your work that serve as evidence of your qualifications for a job. They can include various materials such as writing, pictures, designs, reports, and project outcomes. The selection of samples should represent your capabilities to the fullest extent.

How to make a portfolio?

To make a portfolio, start by identifying your best work samples and collating them in a creative and engaging manner. It is important to maintain diversity in your portfolio.

What is a career portfolio?

A career portfolio is a collection of materials that display your work experience and skills to potential clients and employers. It is essential for freelancers to have a career portfolio for showcasing their expertise to potential clients.

Should you include only one form of Design in your portfolio?

It is recommended not to include only one form of design in your portfolio, but rather a great variety of projects that still flow together nicely, according to art director and designer Corina Nika. The goal is to showcase multiple skills and abilities without making it seem like it is the work of multiple people. This advice comes from a helpful guide on Canva - Learn about how to make a portfolio.

Practice interviewing techniques

What are some interview practice techniques and tips?

Consider analyzing the job posting when preparing for a job interview. Review the job posting to understand what the company wants in a candidate, including their desired skills, knowledge, and other qualities.

How do I approach an upcoming interview for a retail position?

To increase your chances of success in a retail job interview, it's crucial to be well-prepared. Developing an understanding of the types of questions that may be asked by the interviewer is important. Hiring managers place a high value on confidence in retail workers, so it's a vital quality to demonstrate during the interview.

What are the different types of interviews?

The text mentions two different types of interviews. The first is a group interview, where candidates are questioned by a panel or alongside other candidates. The second type is a phone or video interview, which requires knowledge of different technologies.

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