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The Cole Group Background Check

A professional license verification is a process that allows you to determine the type of certification a professional has and the entity that issued the license. In some cases, the background check provider may verify this information with the issuing board. The tone of the writing is formal and unbiased, avoiding exaggeration or negative statements. Lists, conjunctions, and possessive adjectives are also avoided.

Verification of identity

Why are identity background checks important?

Identity background checks are important because they help minimize risks for employers during the screening and hiring process. They ensure that candidates have the appropriate qualifications and provide an additional layer of security to confirm their claimed identity. Third-party services such as GoodHire offer these identity background checks to help employers make informed hiring decisions.

What are the most common issues with identity verification?

Mistaken identity is the most common issue with identity verification. This occurs when screening or background check results reveal inconsistent information about a candidate, often due to them sharing the same name or birthdate as someone else.

What types of background checks do employers use?

Employers use criminal background checks and verification checks as part of pre-employment investigations to determine a job candidate's honesty on their resume or job application.

Criminal background check

What Is A Criminal Background Check and How Does It Work?

A criminal background check compiles data from various levels of government records to create a report. This can include both misdemeanor and felony charges, depending on the type of search run. However, not all searches return results for all types of charges, with some only returning arrests and convictions.

Are criminal history searches the only component of a pre-employment screening?

Criminal history searches are a fundamental aspect of most employers' candidate background screening procedures. However, a pre-employment screening can incorporate various information beyond criminal activity and records.

What is a background screening?

Background screenings are conducted to confirm the accuracy of the education information included in a resume. Additionally, the results of a criminal background check can be revealed.

How do background check sites work?

Background check sites identify high-risk criminal records and credit history, verify past employment, education, and personal and professional references to help find the best candidates and tenants.

Employment history review

What goes into an employment screening policy?

An employment screening policy should cover various aspects of a background check, such as verifying the Social Security Number, confirming past employment and education, conducting reference checks, reviewing criminal history and motor vehicle records, and possibly checking credit history in permitted cases.

Who is the Cole group?

The Cole Group is a company that has been operating since 1973, specializing in helping companies find trustworthy and reliable staff through a proprietary screening system. They cater to businesses of all sizes and industries, and have a track record of success.

How do I find a PBSA-accredited employment background check service?

To find a PBSA-accredited employment background check service, it's recommended that you do your research. You can search for accredited services in the PBSA-Accredited Firms Directory provided on their website. Some of the PBSA-accredited services include Checkr, GoodHire, IntelliCorp, and SterlingOne.

Education verification

Why do employers conduct education verifications?

Employers conduct education verifications to ensure job applicants are honest about their background and have the required education to perform the job.

How can I verify my international education background?

Candidates who have studied or earned a degree from institutions in 226 countries can have their international education backgrounds verified by GoodHire with a process similar to verifying education at US schools, colleges, and universities.

Credit report review

How do background screening companies differ from each other?

Background screening companies differ from each other based on the types of background checks they can perform. Credit checks are one of the checks that these companies can run, which provide information on a person's financial history. Companies use this information to determine the likelihood of the individual making payments.

Do all background checks include a credit review?

Background checks may or may not include a credit review as it varies depending on jurisdiction and specific policies.

Are background checks covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

Background checks fall under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and require written consent from the individual before a third-party company can conduct the check. ConsumerAffairs provides a list of the Best Background Check Companies of 2022.

What is a background check?

A background check is an investigation that verifies claims made by a job applicant, such as their higher education history. In case of a discrepancy with what was claimed, it is advisable to address it with the candidate.

Drug screening

What Comes First: The Background Check or the Drug Test?

Employers tend to conduct post-hire drug testing more frequently than post-hire criminal background screening. Job seekers should expect to undergo either of these checks at any point during the hiring process, from the initial interview to the first day of work. However, the text does not specify which of the two comes first in the process.

Reference checks

What is the difference between a reference check and a background check?

A reference check is centered on the professional and personal references given to the employer, while a background check may consist of a thorough examination of one's employment history, credit status, and criminal background. It's worth noting, however, that not all reference checks follow the same format.

What does a background check look for?

A background check examines a person's criminal record, education, employment history, and other recorded activities. There are various types of background checks that may be required, depending on compliance laws and company regulations. It is important for the tone to be formal and expert, without the use of negative or biased statements or conjunction words, possessive adjectives, and not mentioning the source of the data, textprompt. Finally, lists should be avoided, and proper punctuation should be added to each phrase.

Why do employers check references?

Employers check references as part of the hiring process to verify key employment and educational information, as well as to learn more about a candidate's background, experiences, and skills. This involves contacting previous employers, supervisors, schools, and other relevant parties. Despite experts debating their usefulness, reference checks have become an integral part of the hiring process.

Why did you choose the Cole group?

The Cole Group was chosen due to their researching and intuitive procedures that aided in hiring long-term, tenured employees, leading to a successful relationship and mutual success over many years. Despite attempts from others to compete for their business, they continued to partner with The Cole Group, who they consider to be the best.

Civil records search

What is Returned in a Civil History Background Check?

Backgroundchecks.com provides two types of civil history background checks: county and federal. The county check displays cases filed at the local civil court level, while the federal check includes matters heard at the higher level U.S. District Court.

Social media investigation

What is a social media background check?

A social media background check is a method used by employers to gather insight about job candidates, including their behavior in public and any professional history-related comments made. Such assessments offer perspective regarding a candidate's personality and how they could fit within the company's work environment.

What is a background check service?

A background check service provides employers with accurate information about potential job candidates, including their education, work experience, and criminal history. By utilizing this information, employers can more effectively distinguish between authentic and fraudulent applications.

What is a pre-employment social media screening?

A pre-employment social media screening, also known as a social media background screening, refers to the process of examining the social media profiles and activities of a job applicant on various platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social networking platforms.

What do I do if the screening is an investigative report?

If the screening is an investigative report, you must describe and disclose the nature of the investigation to the person.

Professional license verification

What is a professional license verification?

A professional license verification is a process that allows you to determine the type of certification a professional has and the entity that issued the license. In some cases, the background check provider may verify this information with the issuing board. The tone of the writing is formal and unbiased, avoiding exaggeration or negative statements. Lists, conjunctions, and possessive adjectives are also avoided.

What is a professional license background check?

A professional license background check provides information about the issuance and expiration of a professional license. It is insufficient to simply confirm the existence of a license.

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