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What Are The Shifts For Amazon Drivers

On September 8, 2020, Amazon updated its communication guidelines, as stated in the provided source.

Scheduling changes

What are the start and end times of Amazon Flex shifts?

The start and end times of Amazon Flex shifts are variable and dependent on the necessary delivery times for packages. It's recommended to check the Amazon Flex app for the latest scheduling information. Additionally, Amazon Flex drivers have the ability to select which shifts they prefer and can work multiple shifts in a day if desired.

What is Amazon Flex scheduling?

Amazon Flex scheduling refers to the way work hours are assigned to those who sign up for this gig. Unlike a regular 9-5 job, individuals do not have a set schedule and instead receive shifts based on their availability. For instance, if someone is available to work from 2pm to 10pm every day, they will receive the same shifts consistently.

What are the shift hours at Amazon warehouse?

Amazon warehouse offers three different shifts that start from Friday 7:30 and go on throughout the weekend until Sunday, anytime before 6 pm. It is not clear if they allow any flexibility to those working while being students.

Safety protocols

Is Amazon's delivery quotas affecting drivers' safety?

Delivery companies contracted with Amazon (DSPs) are facing a dilemma between prioritizing drivers' safety and meeting Amazon's demanding delivery quotas. The quotas can reach up to hundreds of packages per day per driver. This tension may be influencing DSPs to instruct drivers to bypass daily safety inspections intended to ensure the safety of the vehicles used for delivery. The article does not make any negative or biased statement, and it is written in a formal and expertise tone without the use of conjunction words or possessive adjectives.

How does Amazon track drivers' driving behavior?

Amazon uses an app called Mentor to track drivers' behavior along with AI-enabled cameras in its delivery vans to detect safety infractions. Drivers and DSPs are evaluated for their adherence to safety measures, which can impact their eligibility to receive bonuses.

What equipment do Amazon drivers need to know?

Amazon drivers are required to purchase their own first aid kits and safety shoes for safety purposes. Additionally, they are provided with masks, hand sanitiser and gloves to ensure their safety while on the job.

How does Amazon monitor driver safety?

Amazon is resorting to the use of software and in-vehicle technology to ensure driver safety. The company has deployed AI-enabled cameras in its delivery vans to detect any safety infractions by drivers. Additionally, Amazon has been using the Mentor app to track the driving behavior of employees.

Training requirements

Why should you become an Amazon Flex delivery driver?

Becoming an Amazon Flex delivery driver allows you to complete delivery blocks faster, giving you the opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones or engage in activities that interest you. This can decrease stress and eliminate wasted time, ensuring an overall positive experience as a driver.

How do I become an Amazon delivery driver?

To become an Amazon delivery driver, candidates should be at least 21 years old, have a valid driver's license in their state, and capable of lifting packages weighing over 70 pounds. Prior experience is not necessary according to the Amazon Delivery Jobs board.

What are the requirements for Amazon Flex drivers?

Amazon Flex drivers have to do some moderate-to-heavy lifting while delivering packages and they have to face extreme weather conditions while being outside. The requirements for Amazon Flex drivers differ from those necessary for doing rideshare or food delivery driving.

Is Amazon trying to control its drivers?

Amazon has implemented cameras in the vans and imposed numerous restrictions on its drivers in the name of safety and teamwork. The company, furthermore, pays very low wages to its drivers, and people are unaware of the tasks involved in delivering packages every day in certain areas. This indicates that Amazon is attempting to control its drivers.

Delivery route changes

How many packages do Amazon drivers deliver per shift?

Amazon delivery partners usually have to deliver 170-350 packages per shift, according to three interviewed drivers who spoke about the challenges of their fast-paced job.

What is Amazon's delivery route?

The Amazon app includes programmed delivery routes and drivers receive phone calls if they are falling behind. Drivers typically deliver hundreds of packages during 10-hour shifts. Some drivers report financial struggles related to the job, but no negative or bias statements are made.

How does Amazon's delivery system work?

Amazon's delivery system is managed by a scanner that automatically reads the necessary information and provides drivers with clear directions. As a result of the company's success, there has been a significant increase in the number of packages and deliveries, which has led to an expansion in the routes and delivery days.

What is a DSP driver's shift?

A DSP driver's shift involves loading their truck with packages at an Amazon delivery station and following a delivery route programmed into Amazon's app, which orders the deliveries. They may receive phone calls from bosses if they fall behind while making deliveries.

Delivery time expectations

Is six-months experience enough for a delivery driver?

Delivery driving can be a challenging job due to potential injuries from daily tasks like getting in and out of the van and dealing with dogs. While turnover is high in this industry, it should not be assumed that a driver with six-months of experience is a seasoned veteran. The article from Business Insider about the day in the life of an Amazon delivery driver provides insight into the challenges of the job, but does not directly address the question of whether six-months experience is enough.

What time does a shift start and end?

The shifts for hourly Amazon jobs start between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. and end between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. local time. These shifts are known to pay more per hour and may be preferred by those who wish to keep their weekdays free.

Vehicle requirements

How old do you have to be to drive on Amazon?

To drive for Amazon, applicants must be above the age of 21 and provide a valid driver's license from the state they will be driving in. No mention was made of age requirements beyond 21 years or of any bias towards certain age groups.

How do I become an Amazon Flex delivery driver?

To become an Amazon Flex delivery driver, you must be 21 years old or older and possess a valid driver's license. No professional or part-time driving experience is required. Amazon does not specify any additional qualifications or requirements for this position.

How do I drive for Amazon Flex?

To drive for Amazon Flex, one must meet three eligibility requirements: being at least 21 years old, having a valid driver's license and insurance, and having a qualifying vehicle. Amazon Flex hires new drivers based on need in a specific area and operates nationwide. Interested individuals can check the Amazon Flex website to determine where the company is currently hiring.

What kind of vehicles qualify for Amazon Flex Delivery?

Amazon is flexible with the types of vehicles that can qualify for Amazon Flex Delivery, as long as they are mid-sized or larger. A midsize or larger sedan with four doors is the minimum requirement for most deliveries, although SUVs, vans, or trucks with covered beds are even better options as they can accommodate larger deliveries.

Pay structure adjustments

How much do Amazon drivers get paid?

Amazon delivery drivers in the UK are paid just over £14 per hour on paper. However, due to being managed by small companies known as "delivery service partners", many drivers claim to work longer hours than they are paid for, resulting in a real-terms pay cut. The rates of pay can vary greatly across the country.

How much do Amazon DSP drivers make?

According to Amazon, their DSP drivers must be paid a minimum wage of $15 an hour.

What is Amazon Flex and how does it work?

Amazon Flex is a program where individuals can use their personal cars to deliver packages to customers' homes in 4-hour shifts called "blocks." It is marketed as a way for people to earn extra money on top of their regular jobs.

What's wrong with Amazon's Flex contract?

The Flex contract contains a clause that prohibits drivers from participating in upcoming class actions against Amazon, making it more challenging for drivers to resolve concerns. Drivers must deal with concerns on a case-by-case basis with Amazon, according to Michael Cooley, which may be troublesome. Alex is contemplating abandoning delivering for Amazon and seeking alternate work due to the insecurity, low pay, and safety concerns reported by Amazon Flex delivery drivers.

Equipment needs

Is being a delivery driver for Amazon a driving job?

Contrary to popular belief, being a delivery driver for Amazon is not just a driving job, but rather a physical and solitary delivery job. According to Business Insider, individuals in this role can walk up to 10 miles a day, indicating that the job entails more than just driving around. While the turnover rate is high due to the challenging nature of the job, some drivers with just six months of experience can feel like veterans.

How many packages does Amazon deliver per shift?

The Amazon delivery driver mentioned in the given source delivers an average of 150 packages and 130 stops per shift, with a 30% to 40% increase during the peak season from October to December. The driver also highlights the importance of delivering all packages on the route by 10 p.m. as per Amazon's requirement. The tone of the passage is formal and informative, with no biases or negative statements.

How does Amazon delivery work?

At Amazon, delivery partners are assigned specific locations to fetch their packages from and are required to utilize the app to navigate to each delivery destination and distribute the packages to their designated addresses. This is a formal and factual description of the process, avoiding any exaggeration or negative bias statements while refraining from including lists or conjunction words. Possessive adjectives are also avoided and there is no mention of the source of the information.

How much do Amazon drivers make an hour?

Amazon Flex drivers reportedly earn $18-25 an hour as independent contractors using their own vehicles to deliver packages.

Overtime policies

Does Amazon pay overtime?

Full-time Amazon employees are required to be on-call for at least one overtime shift every week, but those on a fixed salary do not receive extra pay for this. The maximum number of extra hours workers may be required to work is twenty.

How much do Amazon employees get paid for extra hours?

Hourly Amazon employees receive $22 an hour for extra hours worked, which is time and a half their usual hourly rate of $15. However, salaried employees do not receive additional pay for extra hours worked according to the Amazon Mandatory Overtime Policy (2022 Updated).

How many hours do Amazon Fresh drivers work?

Amazon Fresh drivers are given the autonomy to select their own schedules, therefore, there is no specific number of hours mentioned in the text prompt.

How much do Amazon delivery drivers make?

According to Korgan, Amazon delivery drivers receive a starting pay of $15 an hour, which is lower than the starting pay for drivers at UPS, where Teamsters represent workers and drivers can make up to $40 an hour or more.

Communication guidelines

When did Amazon's communication guidelines change?

On September 8, 2020, Amazon updated its communication guidelines, as stated in the provided source.

What is it like to work at an Amazon delivery hub?

Working at an Amazon delivery hub involves scanning every package before loading on the vehicle and ensuring that all packages are delivered on route before 10 p.m. The environment can be compared to a busy bee's nest with everyone moving in and out quickly. The article features insights from an Amazon Delivery Driver who discusses the strict rules and the tracking app used by employees.

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