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What To Do While Unemployed

According to University of Chicago researchers, unemployment benefits, specifically the 2020 expansion of $600 a week, allowed people to spend money in a way they wouldn't have otherwise, thus helping support the economy.

Develop a resume

How do you write a resume for the long-term unemployed?

To write a resume for the long-term unemployed, it is recommended to explain the absence instead of hiding it, create a job, skip the chronological format, focus on results not tasks, and show how you have kept current. These strategies are suggested by veteran human resources director Daniel Quillen, author of a book on job searching. Keep a formal and expertise tone without exaggerating and avoid negative or biased statements. Also, refrain from using conjunction words, possessive adjectives, or making lists.

How do I get a job after being unemployed?

To fill an employment gap on your resume, one approach is to list all past projects worked on during the gap. After this, compare the job descriptions of the positions you desire and try to find any correlations between the two. This can aid in highlighting relevant experience to potential hiring managers.

Should you cover resume gaps created by unemployment?

According to expert Rose, it is best to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to covering resume gaps created by unemployment. By highlighting your achievements during this challenging time, you can show potential employers your positive attitude, resourcefulness, and ability to achieve successful outcomes.

How to create a resume when you have never had a job?

To create a resume when you have never had a job, first choose from one of several resume formats, such as chronological, functional, or combination. Next, review the job description and identify keywords to include in your resume. Write a summary statement and highlight your skills.

Network with professionals

Who should be part of your professional network?

Former and current coworkers, as well as members of professional organizations or clubs, should be part of your professional network, according to the article "Professional Networking: What It Is and How To Master It." Coworkers can offer insight into your skills and provide guidance in setting achievable goals, while networking with others in professional organizations can expand your connections and opportunities.

Apply for jobs

How do I get a job while on unemployment?

To obtain a job while on unemployment, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria and submit an application through your state's unemployment benefits website or a nearby office that offers unemployment services. Besides, it's mandatory in every state to actively look for new job opportunities while receiving unemployment benefits.

Who can get unemployment benefits?

Self-employed workers, gig workers, and all unemployed workers can receive unemployment benefits, as per the latest announcement. In addition, unemployed workers can get an extra $600 a week for up to six months and an extra 13 weeks of benefits, beyond the number a state currently offers. For more information and to apply for benefits, individuals should contact their state's unemployment insurance program.

When should I file for unemployment benefits?

Filing for unemployment benefits is typically advisable when one loses their job due to no personal fault, such as company closures or layoffs. It is beneficial to file for these benefits as soon as possible, and there are various reasons for doing so.

What can I do with my free time when I'm unemployed?

There are various ways to utilize your spare time when you are jobless. Consider exploring new pastimes such as painting, swimming, hiking, or cycling based on your interests. Additionally, you may want to pursue hobbies that were previously unfeasible due to your business schedule.

Take an online course

Can I take online courses while receiving unemployment benefits?

It is possible to enhance skills and prospects for employment by enrolling in online courses, even while receiving unemployment benefits. Various free educational options are available through federal programs that provide funding for approved tuition programs.

What are the best unemployment training benefits?

Unemployment training benefits offer a potential for higher income and improved standard of living for dislocated workers previously earning minimum wage. It also provides skilled workers with added job security during economic downturns.

What are unemployed people doing on Coursera?

Unemployed people are taking courses on Coursera to learn skills in business, computer science or any domain, and are posting certificates. The surge of traffic on Coursera in the past month has been focused on data science, computer science, business, and health care. Coursera offers thousands of free courses for unemployed workers.

What are the different types of online training courses?

Online training courses come in various types, ranging from basic adult education and literacy classes to occupational classes. These courses may cover fundamental topics or advanced subjects, computer skills and vocational training such as ESL. Interested individuals can contact their employment counselors at the local One-Stop Career Center to gain entry to such courses.


Can volunteering help you get a job?

Volunteering can be beneficial for job seekers as it helps to maintain positivity, sharpen skills, and keep experience current. While unemployed, these circumstances can lead to negative feelings and a widening employment gap which can ultimately impede job opportunities. However, volunteering can provide ample opportunities for a job seeker to showcase their abilities and network within their community.

What can I do when I'm unemployed?

One can gain a better understanding of their feelings and hone their professional communication skills by journaling or writing creatively. Volunteering at a non-profit organization is also a good way to give back to the community during unemployment.

Can you finish your to-do list while you're unemployed?

During periods of unemployment, it is possible to accomplish tasks that are commonly neglected while working full-time, like redecorating your house, cleaning out your closet, or landscaping your yard. By taking advantage of this free time, one can efficiently cross items off their to-do list.

Can you learn a new language while you're unemployed?

Learning a new language is a highly recommended commitment for those who are unemployed as it can increase job marketability as a job candidate for specific roles. Additionally, acquiring a new language skill can be added to one's resume as a valuable skill.

Market yourself

What to do when you're unemployed?

The article suggests engaging in productive and meaningful activities to eliminate negative feelings and stay motivated while unemployed. It offers 14 examples of such activities as a way to remain inspired, but does not mention the source of the information. The tone is formal and expertise, with no negative or biased statements, no use of possessive adjectives, conjunction words, or lists, and proper punctuation for each phrase.

Do you need to market yourself to get a job?

Yes, marketing yourself is an essential first step in the job search process. While there are a select few professionals who may not need to market themselves due to their connections or highly in-demand skills, the majority of job seekers need to promote themselves to stand out in the job market.

Seek career counseling

Why do I need job counseling?

If you are unsure about what to do with your college major or want to explore your career options, seeking the guidance of a job coach may be beneficial. A career counselor can provide you with resources and advice to help you begin your job search.

Where do career counselors work?

Career counselors can be found working in schools, universities and increasingly within larger organizations as in-house counselors. As a student, you can seek information about career counselors from your institution's website or Career Department.

Can career counseling help long-term unemployed people?

Experts suggest that career counseling can be beneficial for long-term unemployed people. In an article published in the Journal of Employment Counseling, a holistic model of career counseling is recommended to cater to the multifaceted needs of the individuals affected. The model was initially developed to address similar concerns in Greece after the 2008 financial crisis.

What makes a good career counselor?

A good career counselor takes time to understand their clients and allows them to express their concerns related to their career. The counselor's expertise lies in navigating the client's thoughts and opening up paths for self-discovery without exaggerating or being biased. In achieving this, certain techniques are employed, but not in list form, and without the use of conjunction words or possessive adjectives. Ultimately, the key to a successful career counseling session is the skillful guidance of the career counselor.

Start a side business

How do I start a business while on unemployment?

To start a business while on unemployment, it is important to look up your state's requirements on the U.S. Department of Labor's website, CareerOneStop. Any income earned from your new venture while receiving unemployment benefits must be reported to the unemployment office.

Can you have a side business on top of a day job?

It is becoming more common to have a side business in addition to a day job, as many people dream of starting a full-time business or desire to supplement their income. Pursuing a side hustle can be a great solution for those looking to pursue a passion or grow a business. NerdWallet has provided a list of 25 top side business ideas.

Do self-employed small businesses qualify for unemployment insurance?

Eligibility for unemployment insurance for self-employed small business owners depends on factors such as the income generated by the business, the activities being performed, and the amount of time spent on the business.

Should you start a small business on the side?

Consider starting a small business on the side as an estimated 44 million people in the US have done so. However, it's important to note that while the administrative process of starting a business may be easy, creating a successful business is a much bigger challenge. Follow these six steps to begin your side business while working full time.

Take advantage of unemployment benefits

What are the benefits of unemployment?

According to University of Chicago researchers, unemployment benefits, specifically the 2020 expansion of $600 a week, allowed people to spend money in a way they wouldn't have otherwise, thus helping support the economy.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment insurance benefits help individuals to sustain a desirable consumption level in case they lose their job. According to the arguments of Jonathan Gruber, a MIT economist, private insurance or savings are not enough to prevent a large drop in the consumption of the unemployed. However, the pros and cons of unemployment benefits are not explicitly mentioned in the given source.

How does the unemployment credit work?

The unemployment credit is contingent on your adjusted gross income, and earned income must be present to qualify. The credit cannot be claimed if your sole income for the year came from unemployment benefits. This may be a source of distress or anxiety for those who are without work.

Do unemployed people want jobless benefits instead of work?

Evidence is growing that suggests some unemployed individuals prefer jobless benefits over working. The economy is showing signs of improvement, resulting in more job opportunities becoming available. It is important to be prepared for potential criticism towards the unemployed who may be seen as lazy and hindering those who are truly in need.

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