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Can My Employer See My Resume On Indeed

To change the visibility of your Indeed Resume, sign in to your account and locate your resume. Once you've found it, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the section. Then, on the next page, choose the three dots located next to Public or Private, select Privacy, and make your desired changes.

Your employer can view your resume on Indeed.

What is indeed resume?

Indeed Resume is a search engine for resumes that enables employers to easily find and connect with job hunters who are seeking new opportunities. With a talent pool of 225 million resumes, employers can locate individuals with the precise set of skills and qualifications they need.

What can an employer see on my resume?

An employer who views your resume on Indeed can see your location, including the city and state, as well as your phone number, provided that you have included them on your resume. The information seen by the employer is limited to these two pieces of information.

What happens when someone clicks on a job posting on indeed?

Upon clicking on a job posting on Indeed, interested candidates can view the complete job description and submit their application through the provided button. Employers may opt to use an applicant tracking system to manage their online recruiting through Indeed.

Your profile must be set to public in order for employers to view it.

Why should I create a profile on indeed?

Creating a profile on Indeed is beneficial because it provides a platform to showcase your professional profile, build a resume, and receive personalized job alerts in one convenient location. By setting your profile to public, it allows companies actively seeking candidates like you to discover your profile easily. Overall, Indeed is the world's #1 job site, making it an ideal platform to boost your job search.

Can I make my resume public or private?

When uploading your resume to Indeed, you can choose to make it either public or private. However, it's important to keep in mind that private profiles won't be accessible to employers. If you opt for a public profile, Indeed will remove your street address and contact information, and your information will only be visible to employers you apply to or respond to.

You can customize your Indeed profile to hide certain information.

What happens if I use an indeed email alias?

Employers using your Indeed email alias will still be able to send email communication directly to your email inbox. However, if you use your Indeed generated resume on your profile, the employer can view any information included on the resume, as well as any assessment scores that you've made public.

You can use Indeed's privacy settings to control who sees your resume.

How do I change the visibility settings for my Indeed Resume?

To change the visibility settings for your Indeed Resume, sign in to your account and navigate to your resume. Look for the pencil icon located in the top right corner of the page. On the next page, select the three dots located in the top right corner next to the "Searchable" or "Not searchable" options, and then choose "Privacy."

What is indeed's privacy policy?

Indeed's Privacy Policy is easily accessible by all users and clearly informs them of the personal data collected by the company and the different processing activities that take place. The policy also adheres to applicable privacy principles and has been updated to support additional user rights and fulfill all obligations.

What information can an employer see on my resume?

Employers can view the location (city and state) and phone number provided on the resume of job seekers who have applied to their jobs on Indeed.

Your resume is visible to recruiters who use Indeed's search engine.

Can employers find my resume?

According to the information provided, employers cannot find your resume unless you attach it when applying to a job. Additionally, your street address is only visible to you, and your phone number and email address are only provided to employers you apply or respond to.

Can I upload my resume to indeed?

Indeed allows users to upload their resumes on the platform. However, it is recommended to do thorough research to identify who will be able to access it. The website blocks out sensitive information such as email address, phone number, and street address to ensure privacy. This information becomes visible only to employers to whom an applicant applies or responds to.

You can opt out of appearing in searches by employers on Indeed.

Can employers see other jobs I have applied for on indeed?

Employers cannot see other jobs that you have applied for on Indeed, nor any notes that you have written in your account. However, if you have applied to a job posted by a specific Employer, they can view the city and state you listed as your location on your resume.

What can an employer see on my indeed profile?

Employers only have access to job applications made through Indeed; they cannot view your entire profile or any notes you may have added. They can only see information related to the job you applied for, nothing more.

You can remove any existing resumes from your Indeed profile.

How do I delete a resume from indeed?

To delete a resume from Indeed, one must first log in to their account and navigate to the "Resume" tab. A list of resumes will be displayed, and clicking on the "X" icon to the right of each resume will delete it.

How do I update my indeed resume?

To update your Indeed resume, go to Indeed.com, sign in and click on your username on the top right to get the drop-down box. Then, click on "Resume."

Can my current employer see my resume on indeed?

Yes, it is possible for your current employer to view your resume on Indeed if they are actively searching on the platform. However, there are other ways to job seek that are more proactive and won't leave a trace for your employer to potentially see. It is important to be aware of the potential risks before posting your resume on any public platform.

Can You permanently delete an indeed account?

Yes, a user can permanently delete an Indeed account. It is important to note that this action is permanent and should be carefully considered. Detailed steps for permanently deleting an account are available in a Cake Blog.

Employers cannot contact you via Indeed unless you apply for a job.

Should I use indeed's resumes?

It is advised not to use Indeed's resumes when applying for a position. Instead, one should try to gather more information about the company and role before submitting their own resume to increase their chances of being noticed by an actual person. This comes from an HR viewpoint posted on the recruitinghell subreddit.

Can an employer see my contact information without asking for it?

Employers cannot see any personal contact information on a job seeker's profile without their explicit interest in a job posting. However, they will still have access to a job seeker's resume if they apply to one of their job openings. To learn more about account security, job seekers can visit Indeed's Security page.

You can block specific employers from viewing your resume on Indeed.

How do I change the visibility of my indeed resume?

To change the visibility of your Indeed Resume, sign in to your account and locate your resume. Once you've found it, click on the pencil icon in the top right corner of the section. Then, on the next page, choose the three dots located next to Public or Private, select Privacy, and make your desired changes.

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