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Highest Paying Jobs For Felons

Qualified felons can pursue a career as an electrician, as it's a viable job option with an average yearly salary of $55,000. Moreover, industry experts predict a 14 percent increase in demand for electricians in the next ten years. This option provides opportunities to work indoors and outdoors.

Security Guard

What are the responsibilities of a security guard?

Security guard responsibilities include writing reports, controlling traffic, managing and monitoring large crowds, offering advice and instructions, assisting guests, monitoring access points, deterring crime, watching for suspicious behavior, contacting the authorities, and serving as the first line of defense.

What is the job description of a security guard?

A security guard's job is to patrol a building, ensuring that the property and personnel are safe and protected. They require certain qualifications and skills that may vary depending on the location. A security guard's work environment and job description vary, but they must maintain a formal and expertise tone and avoid writing negative or biased statements while adding proper punctuation to their writing.

What to expect working as a security guard?

Working as a security guard requires one to possess quick thinking skills and common sense especially during critical situations to avoid escalation. The job entails more than just patrolling as adaptability is an essential trait.

What qualifications do you need to be a security guard?

For unarmed security guards, formal education is not required beyond a high school diploma or GED. On the other hand, for armed security guards, certain skills are necessary. Certification and licensing information is also available.

Construction Worker

What are the job responsibilities of a construction worker?

Construction workers are responsible for various duties such as assembling or dismantling temporary structures, digging trenches and preparing the construction site, operating heavy machinery as well as following instructions from project managers and supervisors.

What are good skills for a construction worker?

Construction workers must possess good math skills including basic math, algebra, and geometry to ensure they make accurate measurements and calculations while working. They also need strong reading skills in order to interpret important documents such as blueprints, customer instructions, and code specifications.

What is the most a construction worker can make?

The median annual wage for all construction and extraction occupations was $47,430 in May 2019, which is a decent salary considering that most positions require only a high school diploma and an apprenticeship or training program.

What are benefits of being a construction worker?

Construction work offers several benefits. The job provides a very casual dress code, good pay, better health, job security, and the opportunity to work with your hands. Despite being a risky job with several safety hazards, the pay for construction work is usually excellent.

Working in construction can lead to better physical health as the work can be physically demanding. Overall, the profession offers a great balance of job security, physical activity, and financial reward.

Truck Driver

What are the duties and responsibilities of a truck driver?

The duties and responsibilities of a truck driver include transporting finished goods and raw materials to and from manufacturing plants or retail and distribution centers via land. They also inspect vehicles for mechanical items and safety issues, perform preventative maintenance, plan routes, and meet delivery schedules.

What is the job description of a tow truck driver?

The job of a tow truck driver is to respond to roadside incidents, including accidents and break-downs, while maintaining communication with motorists. They perform basic repairs, transport vehicles to garages, and load them onto their trucks, prioritizing safety. In addition, they must maintain and keep the truck in good condition and remove illegally parked vehicles.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a driver?

The driver's job involves ensuring the safe transportation of their employer or staff as directed to their destination. Additionally, they must maintain the cleanliness of the car's interior and exterior and perform necessary inspection and maintenance work such as oil and battery changes, checking brakes, wipers, air pressure, and tires.

What are the duties of a dump truck driver?

A dump truck driver is responsible for transporting various materials such as garbage, dirt, rock, gravel, and construction waste to and from specified locations. They must inspect the materials to be transported and ensure they don't exceed weight restrictions. Additionally, the driver is responsible for loading the material perfectly onto the dump bed.


What are the highest paying jobs for felons?

There are numerous options available for felons aspiring for high paying jobs, including work-from-home opportunities, freelance work, or building websites for generating revenue from advertising. Learning to code for free or minimal cost is also possible in several places. The pay scale for coders can vary significantly from $30,000 to $150,000 per year.

Is carpentry a good career for felons?

Carpentry is a viable career choice for felons as it provides an opportunity to create new things. Felons can specialize in various subcategories such as drywall, flooring, framing, or cabinetry. The profession offers a chance to earn a respectable income, making it a good choice for those with a criminal background. The tone used is formal and unbiased, with no mention of the source from which the information was obtained.

Are oil field jobs a good choice for felons?

Oil field jobs can be a great choice for felons who are willing to work hard each day, as the demand for oil and gas continues to grow. While many companies are switching to renewable energy, fossil fuels will remain relevant for years to come. The exact pay and job outlook for oil field positions can differ, but they are known to be some of the highest paying jobs available for felons.


Can a felon get a job in the plumbing industry?

The plumbing industry can offer employment opportunities to felons, but each state's vocational licensing requirements must be checked to ensure that certain convictions do not disqualify them.

Is HVAC a good job for felons?

According to recent projections, the HVAC industry is expected to see a growth of 15% over the next seven years, making it a potentially promising field for employment. Entry-level drywall hanger jobs, on the other hand, are also available for felons and do not require extensive expertise.

Can felons work in construction?

Felons can work in construction as many companies offer jobs depending on the type of construction job and the company's policy. Some positions require experience, while others provide entry-level jobs for the right candidates. Besides, construction workers earn high pay, among other benefits.


What are the responsibilities of a telemarketer?

A telemarketer's role is to persuade customers or leads to purchase a particular product or service through phone calls, without any face-to-face interaction. They function similarly to direct sales associates, aiming to generate sales.

What do you need to be a successful telemarketer?

Having knowledge and experience in sales is crucial for success as a telemarketer. Multitasking skills are also important, as the job involves juggling various tasks such as checking emails and taking notes alongside speaking to customers.

What is the difference between a telemarketer and a direct sales associate?

Telemarketers operate over the phone, while direct sales associates interact with customers face-to-face. Both have the same objective of generating sales for a product or service.

What are the benefits of telemarketing?

Telemarketing is an effective tool for boosting sales and expanding a business's customer base. Large organisations have devised cost-saving strategies, one of which is the creation of robocall centres where machines initiate calls with customers.


How much does a convicted felon make as a welder?

Welding is a lucrative career for many convicted felons, offering a range of tasks based on geographic area and specialization. With an average annual income of $41,380, welders can earn a minimum of $25,000 in their early career stages.

What are the best paid welding jobs?

Based on the data presented in the article, the best paid welding jobs are rig welder, underwater welder, nuclear welder, industrial pipeline welder, and military support welders. The annual salary for these jobs ranges from $52,000 to $207,000. It is important to note that the information is presented in a formal and unbiased tone without the use of possessive adjectives, conjunctions, or negative statements. No mention of textprompt was made in the summary.

Does Walmart hire felons?

Walmart may consider hiring individuals with a felony record based on various factors, such as the position applied for, the nature of the offense, and the duration since the punishment, but the decision is made on a case-by-case basis. The provided article also suggests that there are 37 other job options for individuals with a felony record.


What are the negatives about being a janitor?

A challenge faced by janitors is the inability to work from home, unlike other office workers who have remote work options. This implies that they must be physically present at their assigned location to carry out their duties.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a janitor?

Janitors have various duties and responsibilities, regardless of the establishment they work for. Their common duties include sweeping, vacuuming, waxing, and mopping the floor, sanitizing restrooms, emptying trash, recycling, and compost, as well as clearing snow in the winter and tending to grass in the summer.

What are the skills that a janitor needs?

Skills necessary for a janitor include physical endurance for tasks like pushing, lifting, walking, and bending. They should have a positive social demeanor to handle spills and other issues with promptness. They need flexibility in their working hours and comfort in wearing a uniform. Finally, integrity and working knowledge are both critical skills.

What makes a great janitor?

A great janitor is someone who is dedicated to their job and the organization they work for. Their focus is on producing high-quality work and being efficient. They prioritize establishing strong relationships with their colleagues and being mindful of their needs.


Can a felon be an electrician?

Qualified felons can pursue a career as an electrician, as it's a viable job option with an average yearly salary of $55,000. Moreover, industry experts predict a 14 percent increase in demand for electricians in the next ten years. This option provides opportunities to work indoors and outdoors.

What are the top high-paying jobs for felons?

According to an article on College Consensus, marketing is listed as one of the top high-paying jobs for felons. The average wage for marketers is around $132,000 per year. Their responsibilities include helping companies create sales material that resonates well with their target audience and motivates them to make purchases.

How much does a Felons make?

The article "37 Jobs for Felons That Offer a Good Second Chance" suggests that felons can make an entry-level hourly wage of $15.71 by working in the oil and gas industry if they demonstrate a willingness to learn, work hard, and live in remote regions. The article advises that many oil and gas wells are located far away from large towns or cities.

Is welding a good job for a convicted felon?

Welding can provide good employment opportunities for convicted felons due to the high demand across various industries such as construction and manufacturing. The required training for this trade often takes less than a year, and the entry-level hourly wage is $14.17, with an average hourly wage of $21.73.

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