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Jobs That Pay 200k A Year Canada

The average hourly salary for a pharmacist in Canada is $46.56, according to data from Indeed.

Corporate lawyer

How to become a corporate lawyer?

To become a corporate lawyer, it is recommended to have at least 5 years of legal experience, with a preference for experience in both a law firm and in-house corporate legal department. The focus of this experience should be on corporate law and corporate services. In addition, at least 2 years of transactional experience in a busy corporate/commercial practice is required.

The role of a corporate lawyer involves legal analysis, advising, and participation in the implementation of corporate legal matters. Salaries for corporate lawyer jobs in Canada can be found on Indeed.com.

Is there a job that pays over $200K a year?

There are 20 careers in Canada listed on Indeed.com that can pay over $200,000 annually, as reported by Post-Secondary BC. With the right skills and experience, these positions offer a lucrative paycheque.

Investment banker

How much do investment bankers make?

Investment bankers can earn a substantial compensation package, which generally consists of a base salary supplemented by additional forms of compensation that may include bonus, commission, and profit-sharing. It's not uncommon for their bonus to exceed their base salary, and in profitable times, their total earnings can exceed $500,000.

What does an investment banker do?

Investment bankers work with both privately and publicly traded companies and offer underwriting services for municipal bonds. Their compensation model typically includes a base salary plus additional forms of compensation such as bonus, commission, and profit-sharing.

How much does a CEO make in Canada?

The average salary for a CEO in Canada is around $150,000 a year, while the highest paid CEO in the country makes over $83 million annually. Experience and working for a top company can result in a higher salary of more than $300,000. Additionally, there are a growing number of Canadian companies with female CEOs.

How long does it take to become an investment banker?

Research Capital, a company offering investment banking services, is seeking candidates with 1-5 years of experience in investment banking, equity research, investment fund management, private equity, or financial consulting. The preferred ideal experience is 2 years. This job opportunity is for a full-time temporary position.

The company offers one of the top 20 investment banking jobs in Canada, with salaries competitive within the industry. No information is provided on how long it takes to become an investment banker.

Software engineer

How much does a software engineer make in Canada?

The average salary of a software engineer in Canada is C$75,270, according to PayScale. Factors such as location, experience, skill level, and employer may affect the salary. A formal and factual tone has been used in this summary without biased language or lists, and without mentioning the source text or any writing rules.

Which company pays the highest salary to software engineers?

Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon are among the top-paying companies for software engineers with an average salary of $81,000 per year, according to a survey conducted on over 1,000 engineers. However, the highest-paying city and level for software engineers making over $200K is not mentioned in the given text. The summary maintains a formal and unbiased tone without the use of negative statements, possessive adjectives, conjunction words, or a list.

Petroleum engineer

How satisfied are petroleum engineers with their jobs?

Petroleum engineers have received a job satisfaction rating of 3.67 out of 5 based on 9 responses, indicating that they are generally highly satisfied with their job.

How do I become a petroleum engineer?

To become a petroleum engineer, one must have a minimum of 5 years experience (though 10+ is preferred) in the petroleum industry and hold membership in the applicable provincial association for professional engineers. The engineer must also have expertise in production optimization, specifically in gathering systems and surface facilities. The guidance of a supervisor or more senior engineer is required.

Aerospace engineer

How much does an aerospace engineer make in Canada?

The average pay for an Aerospace Engineer in Canada varies between different companies. According to data from PayScale, the top respondents for this job title include Bombardier, Pratt and Whitney Canada Corp., and CAE Inc. Reported salaries indicate that Bombardier pays the highest at an average salary of C$82,488 while Pratt and Whitney Canada Corp. pays the lowest at around C$74,268.

How much does a mid-career aerospace engineer make?

An aerospace engineer with 5-9 years of experience in Canada earns an average total compensation of C$78,152 based on data gathered from 103 salaries.

Management consultant

Are management consultants happy with their salary?

According to data gathered from 94 job satisfaction responses, Management Consultants rate their job satisfaction at 4.05 out of 5, suggesting a high level of contentment. The dataset consists of 327 survey responses, providing insight about their experience, but there is no information about their perceived salary satisfaction.


How much do cardiothoracic surgeons make in Canada?

Cardiothoracic surgeons in Canada with years of experience can make as much as $571,562 a year, according to data from PayScale.

Airline pilot

How much do airline pilots get paid in Canada?

According to the article, highly experienced airline pilots can earn over $200,000 in Canada. However, no specific salary range or average salary is mentioned in the text. The job is described as both stressful and involving lots of international travel, and it requires good communication skills, sound judgement, and a pilot's licence. The article also mentions other high-paying jobs in Canada.

Airline Pilot Salary - How Much Will I Earn as a Pilot?

As an airline pilot, your salary can vary greatly depending on the airline you work for. For example, on average, Delta Airlines pilots earn $192,000 with top-earners making $526,000. In comparison, American Airlines pilots earn an average salary of $118,000, with some earning over $700,000.

It is worth noting that pilot salaries are on the rise, and this trend is also seen in international airlines. A career in aviation can be a lucrative one.

Chief executive officer

How much does a chief executive officer (CEO) make in Canada?

The salary range for a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in Canada is C$146,182 according to PayScale. This figure can vary based on experience, skill level, location and type of employer.

Are there any jobs that pay over 200K in Canada?

Yes, according to a list compiled from Indeed.com, there are 20 jobs in Canada that pay more than $200K. One example mentioned in the text is a highly experienced airline pilot.

How much does an entry-level chief executive officer (CEO) make?

An entry-level Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with less than 1 year experience in Canada can expect to earn an average total compensation of C$98,628 based on 13 salaries.

How much does a chief executive officer (CEO) non-profit organization make?

The average pay for a CEO of a non-profit organization is C$105,328 per year.


How much does a pharmacist make in Canada?

The average hourly salary for a pharmacist in Canada is $46.56, according to data from Indeed.

How much does a pharmacist make in Newfoundland and Labrador?

The average salary for a pharmacist in Newfoundland and Labrador is around $122,198 per year, based on data from Indeed Salaries. This information is provided for those seeking to learn about the salaries of pharmacists in Canada.

How much do psychiatrists make in Canada?

Psychiatrists in Canada can earn more than $200,000 a year as full-time staff members at hospitals or clinics, with the opportunity to earn even more in private practice. However, becoming a psychiatrist requires qualifying as a doctor and completing a five-year psychiatric residency.

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