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Minimum Wage For Chick Fil A

Chick-fil-A's average hourly pay in Georgia ranges from $9.00 per hour for Owner Operator Driver to $20.93 per hour for Director of People, according to benefits information posted on Indeed.

Chick-fil-A's current minimum wage

How much do Chick-fil-A restaurant jobs pay?

Chick-fil-A salaries vary depending on the job position, with Back of House Team Members earning around $20,000 per year and Restaurant Managers earning around $66,938 per year. The salary information is based on 12,431 data points collected from employees, users, and job ads in the past 36 months. There are also variations in salaries by location, such as Chick-fil-A restaurants in Texas.

What are the benefits of working at Chick-fil-A?

A career at Chick-fil-A Restaurant provides a variety of benefits to employees, such as competitive salary, chances for personal and professional development, and the opportunity to have work-life balance. According to the statement, Chick-fil-A offers a comfortable work environment that accommodates everyone.

Cost of living index

How much does Chick-fil-A pay?

Chick-fil-A pays their employees around 1 to 2 dollars over the state's minimum wage or at least $10-$11 per hour to start if the state has a very low minimum wage. This rate is considerably higher than in other fast-food chains like Burger King and McDonald's.

How much does a marketing director make at Chick-fil-A?

Different job titles at Chick-fil-A have varying salaries, with marketing director being one of the high-paying roles. On average, a marketing director at Chick-fil-A earns a salary of $53,098 per year.

Impact of a higher minimum wage on Chick-fil-A employees

Does Chick-fil-A pay franchise owners?

The spokesperson for Chick-fil-A clarified that franchise owners are responsible for determining their own wages, given that the restaurants are independently owned and operated.

National minimum wage standards

How much do Chick-fil-A food preparation & service jobs pay?

Chick-fil-A hourly pay for food preparation and service ranges between $9.29 for Food Runner and $16.97 for Senior Kitchen Manager. The yearly salary for these positions ranges from $18,136 for Host/Cashier to $52,336 for General Manager. This information was obtained from Indeed's article on Chick-fil-A salaries.

Chick-fil-A's financial performance

How much does Chick-fil-A make?

Chick-fil-A generates $11.3B in annual revenue with 35,574 employees, resulting in a revenue per employee ratio of $317,647. The company reached its peak revenue of $11.3B in 2021, as reported by Zippia's data science team after conducting a thorough research and analysis.

Other fast food companies' wages

How much do fast food employees make?

Fast-food employees in the United States make above the national minimum wage, but hourly pay differs depending on the chain. Various factors impact pay variation, such as franchises located in states with higher minimum wage laws and increased compensation for manager positions.

Living wage standards

What is the minimum wage at Chick-fil-A?

The minimum wage at a Chick-fil-A store, owned by Mason, has been raised to $17 an hour, which is considered a "living wage" and above the state's minimum wage of $11 for businesses with more than 25 employees. The state's minimum wage will gradually increase to $15 by 2022.

How does Chick-fil-A make wage decisions?

Wage decisions at Chick-fil-A restaurants are made at the local level by the individual owners and operators. However, Chick-fil-A aims to offer a compelling employment value proposition that includes competitive wages, leadership development opportunities, and scholarships.

How much do Chick-fil-A sales jobs pay?

Chick-fil-A offers a salary range of $8.75 to $19.36 per hour for various positions including Sales Director.

What are the pay and benefits of Chick-fil-A restaurant employees?

The pay and benefits of Chick-fil-A restaurant employees are not explicitly mentioned in the given text. However, it is stated that the advantages of being a Chick-fil-A employee go beyond just wages and benefits. The company's policy of closing all its restaurants on Sundays is highlighted as one of the advantages.

Impact of higher wages on the cost of food

Are food prices more sensitive to minimum wage increases?

Studies have shown that food prices are indeed more responsive to increases in the minimum wage, according to recent research.

How will minimum wage hikes affect McDonald's?

According to economists, if the minimum wage increases by 10%, McDonald's restaurants will increase worker wages by about 7%. Additionally, the economists also analyzed the effects of minimum wage hikes on the prices of Big Macs.

Do McDonald's restaurants raise their wages?

Ashenfelter and Jurajda's research, as reported in Planet, shows that McDonald's restaurants do raise their wages after a city or state raises its minimum wage. Moreover, a significant number of restaurants maintain pay premiums for workers who previously earned more than the minimum wage.

Pros and cons of raising the minimum wage

What are the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage?

Advocates argue that raising the minimum wage would improve earnings. However, increasing the minimum wage may lead to businesses rising their prices and potentially result in job loss for workers. These are some of the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage.

Should the federal minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour?

Many lawmakers aim to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour. While this policy may decrease poverty and enhance work ethic, potential negative implications such as inflation and job loss should also be considered.

How does inflation affect the minimum wage?

Inflation affects the minimum wage by decreasing its spending power over time. Using a standard inflation calculator, it has been found that the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 is $1.22 less than what it should be in July 2009 due to the effects of inflation.

Will raising the minimum wage reduce public assistance spending?

According to the Economic Policy Institute, raising the federal minimum wage to $12 per hour in the United States by 2020 could potentially lower public assistance spending by $17 billion annually, implying a potential benefit to the economy.

Potential changes to labor laws

How much does Chick-fil-A pay in Georgia?

Chick-fil-A's average hourly pay in Georgia ranges from $9.00 per hour for Owner Operator Driver to $20.93 per hour for Director of People, according to benefits information posted on Indeed.

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